Le Fold’n Roll: The heart of the Kleefer folding system, internationally patented.

Easier, faster for folding as for unfolding, existing on all of our products.

« Long time folding and unfolding, crouching in fear of trapping your fingers are over ! »
To fold your Kleefer: a simple foot pressure on the pedal and the deck goes automatically up in less than one second.

« The other system not always easy to operate are now over ! »
To unfold your Kleefer: Effortless...
Grab the rear fender with your hand and simply open the kick scooter with no effort. A "clic" sound indicates that the locking is complete.
Less than one second and easy to ride.

« Scooters hard to carry when the deck spins around the handlebar, impossible to make it roll, they are now over ! »
To transport you Kleefer: don't carry it...
When your scooter is folded, it is very compact and easy to make it roll on the front wheel like a suitcase. If, however, there is stairs the rigidity of the scooter facilitate the catch in hand.

In the bus, subway or train: without compromising on space
In the folded position, the size is like an umbrella, a little bit higher but narrow. You can easily keep it with you without annoying others.

Moreover the unprecedented ergonomie of this system :
The locking system has no gap, when folded there is no movement between the deck and the rest of the scooter. When riding it gives good feelings.
Mechanical wear adjustment is integrated, that guarantee a long working life.