The Fold’n Roll system:

The key system of Kleefer existing on all of our products


ABEC 7 Bearings on Kleefer scooters:

The sign ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineer Council) is a wide-spread organism in sliding sports, it codifies a quality factor for bearing. Exactly it gives the precision of machining the elements of the bearing.
The scale goes from 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, when there are greater number involved, the quality is better. ABEC 7 is more accurate than a ABEC 5, it should be more efficient, less noisy, smoother, last longer etc …
However, ABEC standards don’t specify the quality of materials used. So that is not a sufficient explanation to itself.
That’s why chose ABEC 7bearings for the precision they give, whereas most of the competitors are using ABEC 5.
To guaranteed a high durability, materials used here are Molybdène chrome steel, sign of quality.

Aluminium type 6061T6 on Kleefer scooters:

There are many kind of aluminum alloy, our scooters are stuffed with 6061T6.
It’s a magnesium incorporated alloy (1%), silicium (0,6%) and copper in order to upgrade the mechanical features. Moreover it received 2 thermic application, a quench and then an annealing. The result gives a very good mechanical resistance connect with a good performance against corrosion.

The overall structure of our kick scooters is aluminium, this alloy is used for the deck, the locking foot pedal, the handlebar etc…

Geometry of the frame:

The shape of the deck is very specific, it was designed to give a maximum resistance in bending as in twisting, it gives you a precise and good riding feeling.
The frame was designed to give you a sliding sense and a stability / handing.

Welds of the aluminium:

A specific care has been given to welds, the aluminium 6061 alloy was used for this purpose. They are regular and the adherence is guaranteed.
They are made by a welding robot on adapted mounting, sign of constant quality.

Double handlebar:

A distinctive feature of Kleefer, a unique design, you spot a Kleefer from far away. But furthermore it’s a sign of a solid handlebar, combining flexibility and resistance.

Hardness of the wheels:

In order to measure the hardness in the sliding sports we use an American scale called “Shore”. Expressed by a number followed by an A, like for example 85A, which could also be named as “shore hardness of 85”.
For kick scooter wheels, the Shore hardness differ from 74A to 100A. The highest the number, the hardest the wheel.
The choice of hardness is ver personal and delicate, what you have to know:
The hardest the shore is:
.The lowest the confort of the wheel will be
.It will wear out more slowly
.But it will be less adherent
However the softer is the wheel:
.It will wear out faster but it will be more adherent because it distort itself and the ground contact is wider.
.It will absorb the vibrations, so it will be more confortable.
. But the resistance on bearing will be high, it will be more difficult to ride.

On the Pure-180, Kleefer choose a hardness of 82A, it is a good compromise between fun of riding and efficiency.